Just when I need Him Most. (Winfrey)


I am now 86 years old.  Wana is 83 and we have been married 66 years. As I look back over our lives I believe the words of the old Christian hymn, JUST WHEN I NEED HIM MOST. As a boy I would hear the people of our Church sing that old song. Now I really realize what that song meant.

The Chorus:  Just when I need Him most, Just when I need Him most, Jesus is near to comfort and cheer, Just when I need Him most.  Verse l. ‘Just when I need Him, Jesus is near, Just when I falter, Just when I fear; Ready to help me, ready to cheer, Just when I need Him most.’  Verse 4,  Just when I need Him most, He is my all,  Answering when upon Him I call;  Tenderly watching lest I should fall, Just when I need Him most.  At 86 I can say with all my heart just as I needed Him I have found this to be true ‘Just when I need Him most.

These are some of the things that happened in my own life.

l.  As a boy, 14 to 17, I was aware of spiritual need.  At 14 I wrote a letter to some place I found in a Sunday School Quarterly.  The letter was not very well written.  I asked them what I must do to be a preacher. Their reply did not mention that I had to be saved and called to preach. They said I would have to go to College and Seminary.  I did not know what a Seminary was.

But God knew the hunger of my heart.  In June of 1940, at the age of 17, I rode my horse up a dirt road, and they were having a Revival (Protracted Meeting they called it). That little Baptist Church meeting in that Schoolhouse and they were singing, ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus,’ as I listened to that song it expressed my hunger.  I went inside and when the invitation was given I walked to the altar and kneeling I asked Jesus to Come into my heart.  HE DID, I was saved.  That was in June, 1940, and the glory of that moment is as wonderful today as that day in l940. I had no idea that the Church was there and that they were meeting, but JUST WHEN I NEEDED HIM MOST, He was there to comfort and cheer.   That old song is true.

2. In January 1943, Wana just got out of the hospital. Our first son, Gary, was born.  He was 10 days old when I had to leave to serve in the Army, WW 11. As I left that morning, I kissed Wana and Gary and walked to the bus stop and was taken to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  I had been called to preach. My heart was so heavy leaving my precious wife and newborn baby. A lump in my throat that I thought would kill me.  We arrived at Ft. Sill.  That first night in an army barrack I was one lonely soldier. I asked the Sergeant in charge if I could pray when the lights went out.  He said, ‘Yes.’  At 9 p.m. the lights went out and the Sergeant said, ‘Shut up you guys, somebody wants to pray.’  I was nervous but I knelt and started praying.  God came on the scene. Not a sound in that barrack. Suddenly A.G. McCollugh knelt by me and said,  “Pray for me.’  I did and God blessed him there.  In a  moment another soldier jumped from the top bunk and said, ‘Pray for me.’  From that time on the men in our outfit treated me a their preacher.  If ever I needed the Lord it was that night in Ft. Sill and it happened, ‘Just when I needed Him most. Jesus was near to comfort and cheer.’

The list of The Lord moving  in our lives could go on and on.  That song is true, ‘Just when I need Him Most, Jesus is near to comfort and cheer.

3. WW 11 was over in Germany.  I came back to Tulsa.  Wana and I were so happy and I had been accepted to attend Oklahoma Baptist University but a telegram came, ‘You are to report to San Francisco and go to Japan.  I left with a heavy heart. I wanted to attend the University but I am on my way to the invasion of Japan. The night we left California I stood on the deck of that ship broken hearted and lonely.  The moon was bright and the Pacific was as calm as a pond.  I knelt and said something like this, “Lord, I sure wanted be in the University and I don’t understand. BUT I am here and ‘I’ll gladly go where you lead.’  Next morning in the Mess Hall some men came to me and said,

Page 2,  Just when I need Him Most.

Preacher can we have a Bible Study at 10:30.  I said yes, we could not get them all in the little room. They said, ‘ What about tonight”  We were on that ship 31 days and I was blessed to teach the men day after day.  Our nation dropped the Atomic Bomb and we did not invade Japan and we went to the Philippines.  Stationed there until December 1945, I found a friend who could play the little field-organ we had and another friend, Hal Webb who led the singing. To the mountains we went many nights. On one night in a mountain village I gave the invitation and an older man came and asked me, “What is the name of man you talked about?”   I said, ‘Jesus.’  He said tell me His Name again, I said, ‘Jesus.’  He took me by the hand and said, “I take that Jesus.’  (that is shouting ground)  When the service was over and we started home he said, ‘Where can I sleep tonight?’  The guide told me that when he accepted Jesus he gave Jesus his home, cows, pigs and chickens.  I said to him, this is the good part, ‘This Jesus gives you back you home, cows, pigs and chickens.’  He smiled and said something like this, ‘Ain’t He a Good Jesus.’  Friend, He Is A Good Jesus I learned things there that you would never learn in the University later I was able to attend The University of Tulsa                             .

4. In 1999 we resigned the Cornerstone Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia.  We did not know what we would do but God led us into full time Evangelistic Work.  God has allowed us to be in so many different Churches and in different states where we had never been before.  Wana and I can say from the bottom of our hearts, ‘Just when we needed Him most, He was there to comfort and Cheer, Just when we needed Him most.’  God has given us so many wonderful friends across several states.  We can never Thank Him enough.   His promise is, “I will never leave or forsake you.” 

5. At the ages of 86 and 83 we know the next great event in our lives.  OUR HOMEGOING.  One morning, we know not when, He will say, ‘My Child it is time for you to come Home.’   I have been with you all the way and I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU NOW.  We know one of two things.  It is possible that the RAPTURE could happen.  Most of God’s people believe that.  The Rapture will be a great moment.  If not the Rapture is will be death.  He has walked with us through this life and He will not leave us to make that journey alone.  One day He will take us by the hand and say,  Come Home.  I can still hear Governor Jimmy Davis sing, “Come Home, come home, IT IS SUPPER TIME.’  My Dad, Mother, (sister, Gloria) Grandmother, Granddaughter, Wana’s Preacher Dad and her sainted mother and her sister are there.  So many of my friends through the years are there.  Oswald J. Smith,  Dr. G. Christian Weiss,  Grover Padgett,  Howard Crowe,  Jake Cash,  Maze Jackson, Jack Fryer, Herbert Lockyer, Dr. W.A. Criswell, Dr. Tolbert Moore and Dr. Preston Moore’s preacher Dad, Mack Moore and their precious mother (I had the privilege of preaching Mrs. Moore’s funeral),                                      

6. I am glad that there is ‘Another Meeting Place for the born-again ones.’  Our being together for all eternity is a joy that is wonderful.  Families and friends united with Jesus. 

7. To any one who reads this, if you are not a Christian, a believer in Jesus, PLEASE don’t die without Christ.  To be saved is yours if you so desire.  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, ask Him to forgive you, confess your sin and your need of Him.  A good way if you are able is to get on your knees and pray like this, “Lord, I believe you died for me and now I am asking you to forgive me, I confess that I am a sinner. Right now, I ask you to come into my life, forgive me, and write my name in The Lamb’s Book of Life. Thank you Lord for hearing and saving me...NOW.”

Jesus is the sweetest friend you can have.  His presence is wonderful.  The joy of knowing that you are one of His is life’s greatest joy.    He is a hope that is not available anywhere else.  To be saved is a moment in your life that you never get over.  He is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.  The day I was saved they were singing, What a friend we have in Jesus and I needed and wanted that Friend. For 69 years He has been my friend.  He is sweeter as the days go by.