Page 1,  Surprise, Surprise,  John 21.  Gomer used to say, Surprise, Surprise.
1. How surprised we will be when we get to Heaven.  
2. The first surprise will be that ‘I MADE IT HERE.’
3. Second:  Lot is there and Jonah, David, Peter, Tamar. Rahab. Bathsheba, Solomon, Noah (a preacher of righteousness) and the list goes on and on.
4. The group (that includes us) in heaven was not perfect but FORGIVEN, saved and washed in the blood.
5. Oh, how God loves us, weak and sinful as we are.  God cannot put up with sin so to do away with our sins HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.
a. The Crucifixion first of all was for GOD so He could let us live with Him.
b. Genesis 3 tells us how God shed blood so He could love Adam and Eve and so it has been in all of human history.
6. 2 Peter 2-7, Lot was vexed (He rescued Lot a righteous man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men for that man lived among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deed he saw and heard.
a. Lot called righteous, he offered his two daughters over to the wicked townsmen to be sexually abused is difficult to understand apart from a knowledge of the code of honor characteristic of that day.
b. Vexed, passive, to get worn out.  Acts 7-24
c. Seeking needy souls is our missions.  The Rescue Mission, the chapel, the mission station, or the largest Churches, the job we are to do…reach people.  
d. This was the work of Christ. He came to seek and save that which was lost. He was always seeking
7. John 21, between Resurrection and Ascension, we find Him still seeking.
a. Look at those He sought. They failed Him at the Cross, one betrayed Him, one denied and cursed saying I never knew Him and yet He seeks them.  He stood on the seashore through the night. Isn’t that just like Jesus?
b. No matter how grievous the sin, how deep the shame, if you can say,  “Lord thou knowest all things, You know that I love you.” there is hope
8. The seven that night, toiled and caught nothing, hungry, discouraged and they said to His question, NO.  
a. He said,  ‘Come and Dine.’  How could He still love them?
b. To our empty hears and discouragement He says, ‘Come and Dine.’  He filled their boats with fish.  I can take care of you.     
c. We cannot save ourselves, nor forgive our sins, nor blot out the stain of sins, nor break the shackles that bind us.
d. When we come to that point and are willing to acknowledge our need we are on the way to where He can and will help us.   
9. The question,  Lovest thou me.  If we can say YES, He wants to forgive and help us.
a. Peter offered no defense. SIN, YES, but Love for Christ did not die at that moment.  B. No one could realize how Peter felt.  He hurt on the inside and his heart was broken.
Page 2,  Surprise, Surprise.  John 21.
10. Probably we cannot realize how awful they felt.  Peter, Noah, Tamar, David, Solomon and the Prodigal Son.  The greatest heartache in the world is found in the hearts of men when they realized they failed.  Many of us have experienced this in our own lives.
11. BUT JESUS KNEW!  Peter failed, ‘BUT LOVE DID NOT DIE.’    Jesus remembered the years that Peter was with Him.  His love had not died.
12. In a rash moment we may fail, it does not mean that our love for Christ died. It only means that for the moment we failed.  LOVEST THOU ME.   YES, WAS HIS ANSWER.
a. Peter never really went away.
b. A certain Drama!  A man proved unfaithful to his wife, only once, he came back humiliated.  His wife accepted him and said, “it is good to have you back.’ His reply was, “I never really went away.  How many nights I wanted to come back.’
c. Peter never forgot this event in his life.  But Jesus had accepted him back.
d. Paul, “I persecuted the Church of God.   I am chief of sinners.”
12. Story of John Wesley and William Shent, Shent failed, the Methodist Society put him out.  Wesley said restore him.  He came back and won many souls.
13. His question is the question of today. ‘Lovest thou me?’
14. A woman broke a bottle of anointment at home of a Pharisee.  They criticized both Jesus and the woman.  He said of her, ‘Her sins which were many are forgiven, for she loved much.   Luke 7-36-48   Read this story.