What the Bible Does? From “1000 Bible Outlines.") This raises another question: "What does it not do?" One has tersely said of the Bible in a general way: "Every hour I read you, it kills a sin, or lets a virtue in to fight against it."


Many are the things the Bible does; the following will illustrate a few of the things:

Acquaints us with the theme of the Gospel-- 1Co_15:3, 1Co_15:4.

Blesses us as we obey its precepts-- Psa_119:2.

Consecrates us as we follow its injunctions-- Num_6:1-7.

Defeats the enemy as we use it against him-- Mat_4:4, Mat_4:7, Mat_4:10

Edifies the life as we heed it-- Act_20:32.

Fires the heart to a faithful testimony-- Jer_1:1; Jer_23:29.

Guides those who follow its light-- Psa_119:105.

Heals the spirit as it is applied-- Psa_107:20.

It forms the mind as to its secrets-- 1Co_2:9; Isa_64:4.

Judges the conduct and maketh wise-- Psa_19:9-11

Keeps us abiding in Christ's love-- Joh_15:10.

Leads to the true and beautiful-- Pro_6:20-24.

Molds us like to itself-- Rom_6:17.

Nourishes the spiritual life-- 1Pe_1:2.

Orders the steps of our life-- Psa_119:133.

Purifies the mind-- 2Co_7:1.

Quietens the heart-- Isa_30:15.

Rewards those who keep it-- Psa_19:11.

Sanctifies those who live in it-- Joh_17:17.

Teaches those who are led by it-- Psa_25:4, Psa_25:5.

Unites us to the Lord-- Psa_86:11; Joh_17:8.

Verifies the experience-- 2Pe_1:19, 2Pe_1:20.

Warns the observant-- Psa_19:11.

Xamines the heart-- Psa_26:1-3.

Yokes us with Christ-- Joh_17:8.

Zeals the soul-- Psa_69:9; Joh_2:17.








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